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The Thought of You

The thought of your warm kiss
is something I miss
The Thought of your smile
is worth a while

The Thought of you here
makes me melt wanting you near
The Thought of holding your hand
is all I demand

The Thought of seeing your eyes
Leaves me with no tears to cry
The Thought of your heart
and love things never fall apart

The thought of you leaving me
Is something I fear of to be
The thought of you
makes me feel brand new

Jimmy Trieu

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asdf (11:42:54 AM): did you fucking feel that
asdf (11:42:55 AM): ?
I am ryc3 (11:43:00 AM): yeah
asdf (11:44:07 AM): havent felt one of those ina while
I am ryc3 (11:44:14 AM): haha same
I am ryc3 (11:44:20 AM): I usually sleep through one
asdf (11:44:30 AM): lol
asdf (11:44:32 AM): oh man
asdf (11:44:36 AM): i went to save the hd tv
asdf (11:44:41 AM): priorities man
I am ryc3 (11:44:42 AM): lol